Who may play softball with WBRSA?

All girls ages 4-16, regardless of experience, are encouraged to come play softball with WBRSA.

How are your age groups divided?

Girls are divided by age, with rules and game times appropriate to their age groups. Girls 6 and under play tee ball. Girls 8 and under play coach-pitch softball.  In addition, we have teams for girls 10 and under, 12 and under and 16 and under.

What is “fastpitch” softball?

Fastpitch softball involves a pitching style which is completely different from that of slowpitch softball.  Fastpitch pitchers throw the ball in a "windmill" form.  This style of pitching involves bringing the ball in a circular motion, starting at the hip and then bringing it up over the head and completing the circle back down at the hip.  In slowpitch softball, pitchers generally lob the ball in an underhand arc.  Young girls are not expected to know how to pitch.  In the 8 and under league, coaches slowpitch to the girls as they make the transition from tee ball to a pitched ball.  As the girls become more confident, they begin learning how to hit a fastpitched ball while those girls who are interested in pitching learn how to pitch windmill.  Girls transition to full fastpitch in the 10 and under league.  WBRSA offers clinics in both pitching and hitting for girls of all ages.

Why a league for girls’ softball? Why not let my 6 year old daughter play baseball with the boys?

There are many reasons to get your player involved in girls’ softball.  First, the games of softball and baseball are different and require different skills.  If your daughter wants to be prepared to play softball when she is older -- such as on a middle or high school team -- getting her involved in softball at a younger age is important for her to build on those skills.  While at the youngest ages, the games of tee ball are identical for boys and girls, the second reason to involve your daughter in softball is for the camaraderie of her team.  Many girls enjoy being on all-girl teams and make great friends through the league.

How many times a week will my daughter play?

Tee ball and 8u will practice on Mondays at 6:15pm, 12u/16u will practice on Tuesdays at 6:30pm, 10u will practice on Thursdays at 6:15pm.  Saturday games will take place in the early to early afternoon range.  Plus, we will have professionally run clinics open to all age groups on Wednesdays during the season starting at 6:15pm.

Where are your games held?

In our recreational league, all games are played at South County Regional Park in West Boca Raton.  The travel leagues play tournaments throughout South Florida, including at the home fields at South County Regional Park.  Please note that we must follow all the rules of our host field, which includes NO dogs allowed at the fields.

When do your seasons run?

WBRSA hosts two recreational seasons, in the spring and the fall. The spring season runs approximately from February-May. The fall season runs approximately from August-November.  The travel ball season plays its heaviest schedule in the spring and early summer, although there are lighter tournaments and practices year-round.

What should my daughter wear to practice and/or games?

For games, all players receive jerseys, shorts (tee ball) or pants (all other divisions), and socks. For practices, girls should wear comfortable athletic shorts or softball pants, t-shirts (practice) and cleats for best traction.  Girls may find it comfortable to wear a visor when in the field, and batting gloves when up to bat.  In addition, there is required safety equipment (see below).  Finally, for safety reasons, girls may NOT wear jewelry, or clothing with zippers or many pockets while playing softball.

What equipment does my new softball player need?

One of the great things about softball with the WBRSA is the affordability of the sport.  Beginning players do not need a lot of equipment, but some articles are required for safety.  Girls should have a softball glove (work with a knowledgeable store representative to ensure that it is correctly sized) and an approved batting helmet (see below).  All girls in the 10U division must wear face masks if they are pitching.  We do not recommend new players purchasing a bat until they have an opportunity to try bats of many weights and lengths. Your coach will work with your daughter to help her find the bat that is right for her. Believe it or not, a few ounces in a bat make a big difference!

Can we buy, or recycle, used equipment until we are sure that our daughter wants to play the sport?

Different softball equipment serves different purposes.  A used glove, as long as it is in good condition and appropriately sized, should be acceptable.  However, batting helmets serve only a safety function.  Buy a batting helmet as you would a bicycle helmet -- make sure it fits your child properly, and has no damage to the structure.  The batting helmet must contain a face mask and chin strap to protect the batter, and should bear the official NOCSAE stamp.  Check in your store or with a coach to ensure that the helmet you choose complies with the latest safety standards.

My daughter already has soccer cleats. Does she need to buy new softball cleats to play? What is the difference between them?

No additional shoe purchase is needed -- soccer cleats are acceptable for playing softball. (The reverse is generally not true -- usually you are not permitted to wear softball cleats for playing soccer).  There are basically two differences between soccer and softball cleats.  One is the general arrangement of the cleats on the bottom.  The second is that softball cleats have a front (toe) cleat while soccer cleats do not.  It is more important that the cleats are in good condition and not worn down than for what sport they were designed.

Are there food concessions available for sale at the fields?

During weekday functions, concessions will be open serving drinks and light snacks.  On Saturday game days, a full range of concessions are available, including water, sports drinks, soda, hamburgers and hot dogs and a variety of snacks.

Is there anything else we should bring to the fields?

You will want to ensure that your player (and all spectators) has plenty of sunscreen and stays hydrated.  Play continues in light rain, so spectators may wish to bring umbrellas in the event of inclement weather.

The weather looks pretty bad. How do I know if a game is cancelled?

Each day, officials with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department examine the fields and assure that they are safe for play.  In the event of rain during the day, these officials may opt to close the fields for that evening’s scheduled play.  If the fields are closed you will be notified by eAlert (if you signed up for this feature)

What are the travel leagues and how do they differ from the recreational leagues? Can my daughter play in both?

Travel teams are a carefully selected teams of elite players who compete in tournaments throughout South Florida, playing against travel teams from other leagues.  Travel ball is far more competitive than recreational ball, and unlike the recreational leagues, not all players will be selected for a team, nor compete in every game.  Travel games are played mostly in the summer, while the recreational seasons run spring and fall.  Travel tryouts are open to all girls in the appropriate age division.

Are there opportunities to sponsor teams?

Yes! To help keep registration costs from increasing, we rely on sponsors to help our league grow. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, click here.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

You can sign up online or by downloading a registration form. We look forward to seeing you at the fields!

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